Conductor Zoltán Kocsis passed away at age 64

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Pianist, Conductor, Composer Zoltán Kocsis passed away on Sunday afternoon at age 64 after a long illness reported the National Philharmonic Orchestra.

In mid-October Kocsis canceled all his foreign concert tours and most of his domestic schedules due to health problems and also because his doctors prescribed a few months rest for him.

Earlier, he recovered from a serious heart surgery, and was very hopeful about his future; he had started working before fully recovered from the illness reported the media back then.

He has led Hungary's leading symphony orchestra, the National Philharmonic Orchestra since 1997.

Zoltán Kocsis was born in 1952 in Budapest. He was barely three years old when began playing the piano at the Municipal Music School and the Béla Bartók Secondary School; he continued his studies at Franz Liszt Academy of Music piano faculty under Pál Kadosa, György Kurtág, and Ferenc Rados. At the age of 18 he won the Hungarian Radio Beethoven competition, and gained an international reputation.

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