Hungary honors athletes boycotted the Melbourne Olympics in 1956

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Three countries, Switzerland, Spain and the Netherlands boycotted the 1956 Melbourne Olympics as an act of protest against the Soviet invasion of Hungary.

Hungary would like to thank the athletes of the three countries, who in 1956 boycotted the Melbourne Olympics so expressing their solidarity with the Hungarian revolution and war of independence crushed by invading Soviet forces said Two-time Olympic Champion, and Member of the International Olympic Committee Pál Schmitt to M1 TV on Sunday.

The Civil European Music and Sports Diplomacy Institute of Hungary, the Hungarian Olympic Committee and the Hungarian Sports Journalists Association honor eleven Dutch, one Spanish and one Swiss former athletes.

As part of the ceremony the athletes will meet House Speaker László Kövér on Monday, and visit the House of Terror Museum on Tuesday. In the German-language Gyula Andrássy University a conference will be organized in their honor.

Also on Tuesday, a gala event will be held in the Urania National Film Theatre where Hungarian Olympians greet the guests.

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