Hungary provides military support to Iraq - FM Péter Szijjártó

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hungary provides military assistance to Iraq to help the fight against the Islamic State terrorist organization announced Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó after signed the exclusion of double taxation treaty with the Iraqi foreign minister.

Stability in the Middle East is a key requirement in Europe, which can't be achieved without destroying the Islamic State terrorist organization that threatens the entire world, without which there is no solution to the European immigration crisis said the Hungarian foreign minister.

Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari said that the raging wars in the Middle East were not religious conflicts, but they were wars on the Islamic State that threatened all people in all religions.

The Iraqi foreign minister said "there is a world war going on" which was not started in Iraq nor it would end there.

It started in the early 21st century in New York and Washington, then, it spread to Europe, Southeast Asia and Iraq. The Iraqi foreign minister called for unity against the common enemy, the Islamic State (meaning: against those created and funding it).

Ibrahim al-Jaafari pointed out that Iraq has always been the peaceful home of different religious, and ethnic groups; Iraq was a diverse society before it was destroyed where all kinds of religious groups could live side by side, but this peace was ruined.

The Iraqi foreign minister informed his Hungarian counterpart of the results of fighting around Mosul; according to his statement, a third of the province of Mosul has already been liberated.

He indicated that the liberation of the city goes slowly because they want to minimize the number of civilian casualties.

So far 1700 terrorists have been killed and 120 of them captured. Iraqi forces destroyed 650 vehicles built to function as car bombs.

Currently, the Iraqi government takes care of 62 thousand refugees fled from Mosul, but it is prepared to receive many more.

Regarding mass migration the Iraqi foreign minister had this to say: it is natural that at this time people are looking for safe countries. It is paramount to treat the problem, rather than the symptoms, therefore, massive reconstruction programs will be needed to rebuild the war-torn countries so that refugees can return.

Ibrahim al-Jaafari also said that the Iraqi government would like to strengthen Hungarian-Iraqi bilateral relations and to broaden trade between the two countries. He thanked the Hungarian government for making possible Iraqi students to study in Hungary and for providing medical assistance to wounded Iraqis.

Due to the importance of defeating the Islamic State terrorist organization Hungary provides military assistance to Iraq, which among other things, include ammunition and weapon deliveries.

Szijjártó reminded that Hungary already deployed 146 special operation forces in the northern region of Iraq; Hungary provides combat training and mine and explosive clearing training to fifteen Iraqi army officers as well.

Hungary is also ready to treat wounded Iraqi troops in Hungarian hospitals if the Iraqi government requesting it said the Hungarian foreign minister.

Szijjártó informed the Iraqi foreign minister that at the request of the Italian government Hungary would participate in Iraqi police force long-term training.

Hungary, as a Christian country, has special responsibility toward the Christian communities of the Middle East that exposed to unimaginable suffering; if necessary, Hungary can help the project of quickly relocating the refugees to the liberated territories said the foreign minister.

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