Sunday, November 20, 2016

Radical nationalist Jobbik has decided to resubmit an earlier proposal to amend Hungary’s penal code under which child molesters could be obliged to undergo chemical castration.

Jobbik deputy group leader Dóra Dúró told a press conference on Saturday that those who sexually abuse minors could voluntarily undergo the procedure when sentenced for the first time.

However, repeat offenders would be obliged to undergo the chemical procedure, she added. She insisted that the ratio of repeat offenders in such cases was “very high” and added that children must be ensured “special protection”.

Dúró said her party was “open” to discuss extending chemical castration to perpetrators of sexual crimes against adults, too. She noted that Jobbik had submitted the bill on two earlier occasions.

“We want to give a third chance to the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat majority to ensure protection to vulnerable groups of society not only verbally but through legislation,” Dúró said.



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