Peruvian shamans predict a Hillary Clinton victory in US election

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Peruvian shamans have spoken - Hillary Clinton will win the US presidential election on Tuesday (local time).

With flowers, herbs and perfumes, a group of shamans gathered on a beach in Lima to predict who would be victorious in the White House battle between Ms Clinton and Donald Trump.

Shaman Franklin Steiner says the group has a lot of prestige in Peru as seers.

"We have participated in these rituals, and have visualised, as shamans and seers, and our rituals confirm that [Hillary Clinton] will be President," he says.

But while the majority of the group foresaw a Madame President, a smaller number foretold Mr Trump would be the ruler of the US.

"The Black lagoon, the lagoon of Huancabamba (in Piura state) are telling us that [Mr Trump] will win," says shaman Raul Castro.

"And our Pachamama saint is indicating that he will come to power in the US."

The ritual also aimed to strengthen both candidates and ended by asking the spirits to empower whoever won.

"We are using plants, elements, perfumes, herbs; all mystical elements so that Hillary [Clinton]'s karma will be in her favour on the 8th day [of November], which falls on planet Mars," says shaman Juan Osco.

"[This will strengthen] her spirituality, her understanding with immigrants, with Latinos and the entire world."

After a tumultuous campaign, the US election will finally take place on Wednesday (NZT). Newshub will have live updates throughout the day and will be hosting an election special on TV3 and livestreaming from 5pm.



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