Prayer chain was formed to support Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's policies

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ethnic Hungarian priests of Felvidék called on the faithful to join a prayer chain aimed at supporting Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's struggle against nefarious forces wrote Felvidék Hungarian daily "Új Szó."

The prayer chain was launched by “Ipolybalog” Priest Ferenc György; he doesn't follow how many people joined the prayer, but he believes that many good-hearted Hungarian people will be participating.

The prayer has been written by Benedictine Monk Ede Kühár who lives in Rome.

Those who participate in the initiative have to recite the prayer for half a year, five minutes a day.

The prayer begins as follows: "Az Úr legyen előtted, hogy a jó utat mutassa néked! Az Úr legyen melletted, hogy téged karjába zárjon és megvédjen a veszedelmektől! Az Úr legyen mögötted, hogy megvédjen a gonosz cselvetésétől".

("The Lord be before you to show you the right path! The Lord be with you to take you in his arms and protect you from dangers! The Lord be behind you to protect you from the tricks of the devil!")

To form a prayer chain like this there is no need to ask for the approval of the Church. Anyone can pray for anybody, which does not mean that the person involved is glorified in any way, and most importantly, prayer never hurts explained Hidaskürt Priest and Lawyer Antal Szlávik.

The Conference of Slovak Bishops regards the initiative as a private matter.

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