Toroczkai defends Ásotthalom traditions

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Ásotthalom Mayor and Vice-President of Jobbik, László Toroczkai sent a message to the leaders of Hungarian municipalities telling them if they were really serious about protecting the country from mass migration and "extreme liberalism" follow the measures taken by Ásotthalom municipal council.

Ásotthalom representative body adopted a five-point resolution aimed at protecting the tradition of the settlement.

The resolution includes some of the following prohibitions:

Construction of Mosques and other religious buildings that diminish the importance of the Catholic Church is not allowed in Ásotthalom.

Muezzin's activity, which is suitable to disturb the public peace, generate fear and arouse indignation among the general public is forbidden.

The resolution prohibits covering women's body and head, partially or entirely including their faces by wearing burqa, niqab and chador; also forbidden wearing swimsuit that covers the full-body of women including the wear of Burkini.

All propaganda activities that question the sanctity of marriage, which is a union between a man and a woman will be banned.

Read the rest of the resolution on Toroczkai facebook page (in Hungarian)



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