Watercolourist Ágota Markovics art project documenting Hungarian women's folk costumes across the Carpathian basin

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Watercolourist Ágota Markovics (Art Agota) is working on a unique project depicting Hungarian women's folk costumes in different regions across the Carpathian basin.

So far, six paintings have been completed, but the artist's plan is to produce a series of paintings that consist of 30-40 pieces.

Each painting is 80 centimeters high and are conceived to be exhibited once the project is complete; later on the artworks will be published in an exclusive book format.

This is a one person project but the artist can't finance it all by herself and she is looking for sponsors.

Visit the artist's facebook page!

Her earlier book called "Halhatatlan halandó - Nemzetek örök kincse a nő" available at

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