Agent provocateurs tried to create a scandal in Ásotthalom but failed

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Nobody can tell us what regulations we can adopt in Ásotthalom said Mayor László Toroczkai to N1 TV on Saturday. He said more than 4,000 people gave him a mandate to lead the town adding that the municipal council revised local regulations to further protect the community form lurking dangers.

Toroczkai do not think that the amendments are wrong.

LGBT Alliance staged a demonstration in Ásotthalom on Saturday, which was a provocation said Toroczkai adding that it was organized by "extreme liberal groups financed by outside forces to destroy the nation's most fundamental pillars such as the institution of the family."

"If we counted correctly, a total of 17 gay protesters showed up in front of Ásotthalom Mayor's Office on Saturday to challenge the municipal council's recent decision. They managed to mobilize 17 protesters who were shipped here from Budapest and Szeged. Organizers of the protest lied to the press by suggesting that local residents also joined the protest, but the fact is that not one local resident joined the event; in fact, several Ásotthalom residents expressed resentment over the demonstration and sent the protesters to ‘a warmer climate'. I am very proud of the residents of Ásotthalom who wisely ignored these clowns and I thank the many patriots who have accepted my request not to come here and stage a counter protest. Local police forces secured the scene and maintained order; in the meantime, we have recorded the event with video cameras and later, when analyzed the images we decide whether we need to take action against the protesters for possible violation of municipal regulations. One thing is certain: all of these botched actions only bring people closer together making them more ardent supporters of the municipal regulations. Residents of Ásotthalom won't allow to agent provocateurs shipped here from other places to interfere with their decisions." writes Toroczkai on Facebook.

Ásotthalom municipal council amended local regulations on November 24 by forbidding the construction of mosques, and minarets in the settlement; it also banned the wear of chador, niqab, burqa, and burkini in public. In addition, the regulation prohibits any "propaganda denying that the family is based on the union of man and woman."

LGBT Alliance hopes that the Curia, the Constitutional Court or the European Court of Human Rights will outlaw Ásotthalom municipal council’s decision.

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