Ásotthalom Mayor László Toroczkai once again under attack for his alleged association with pro-Putin western European groups

Monday, December 12, 2016

Toroczkai responded to the allegations on his Facebook page. He writes: the Soros funded mainstream media accusing me of collaboration with pro-Putin western European groups.

However, the sensationalist media reports have very little truth value. The only factual element in those reports is that British based Christian Knights - of which, I'm not a member nor a supporting member… - interviewed me several months ago.

Among other things, they asked me about the availability of farmlands in the region because a growing number of Western European citizens consider moving to Hungary due to the continuing deterioration of public security in their home countries caused by mass migration.

As in the last 50 years hundreds of farms have been abandoned in Ásotthalom region, we would be happy to sell those farms to decent value producing European families - first of all to Hungarians but we also welcome genuine western European refugees that have to flee their homeland due to mass migration, who can promptly integrate into our community writes Toroczkai.

The deceptive mainstream media suggested that those groups have already acquired property in Ásotthalom, but the fact is that so far, no member of the mentioned order purchased property in our town. But earlier arrivals from Western Europe have already settled in Ásotthalom. They, of course, fully integrated in the community, and are productive members of our town. We are very happy to see them here.

By the way, I have been also working on a "Regional Repopulation Plan"; the goal is to repopulate the region with value-producing Hungarian families writes Toroczkai.

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