Former Socialist prime minister urging the extremist liberal parties and Jobbik to join forces and defeat the Orbán government

Friday, December 30, 2016

Opinion polls suggest that the Orbán government can only be defeated if the extremist liberal parties and Jobbik join forces said former Socialist Prime Minister Péter Medgyessy to

Medgyessy believes that the opposition parties have to decide what is more important to them securing parliamentary seats or defeating the Orbán goverment in 2018 general election.

Without joining forces the opposition parties have zero chance to defeat the Orbán goverment; if they can't come to an agreement on forming a nationwide coalition and as a result, they lose, they can blame only themselves said Medgyessy.

(Note: An alliance between Jobbik and the Hungarophobe fake leftist parties would be the end of the Jobbik party as we know it. Joining forces with the fake leftist parties that harbor many known foreign agents is beyond the imagination of most Jobbik supporters. Former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany is a liability being the first prime minister of the post-1956 era who ordered police in 2006 to shoot at peaceful citizens celebrating the national holiday. But there are other "left-wingers" who are suspected of working for foreign powers; many of them active in the European Parliament drafting anti-Hungarian resolutions that demonize the Orbán government. These foreign agents hate Hungarian culture and everything the Orbán government does because they know that the government's nation-building strategy is working; as a result, it has massive support among the Hungarian people despite the ongoing hate campaign in the mainstream media. Unfortunately, the Jobbik party maneuvered itself into a difficult situation by putting an equal sign between Fidesz and the fake leftist parties alienating many potential voters. It is still not too late for the party to change course, but now, hard to do it without losing face. I wonder how Jobbik vice-President László Toroczkai would react to the idea of forming such an alliance. The Gyurcsany government persecuted Toroczkai and other patriots for many years, some of them are still in jail today - György Budaházy and his co-defendants.)

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