Judoka Hedvig Karakas underwent a knee surgery, her ordeal is not over yet

Friday, December 2, 2016

Judoka Hedvig Karakas will skip the upcoming European Championships due to a knee surgery, but she is determined to compete in Budapest World Championships next year.

In an interview with M4 Sport magazine, Karakas called her knee surgery in September a success; she also revealed that her ordeal was not over yet as another surgery was waiting for her in January.

Karakas competed with an injured ankle in London Olympics where she finished fifth place; the constant pain in her leg slowed her down, so the surgical intervention was unavoidable. She has decided to undergo the operation before the Budapest World Championships next year.

Taking into account at least six months of rehabilitation, Karakas believes she can start training again in April or May.

Karakas will also skip the Warsaw European Championships.

Luckily, she is not the type of person that gains weight easily, so she expects to continue competing in the 57-kilo weight class.

This is not the first time Karakas had to take off a longer period of time from active competition due to injury; she thinks she will recuperate fast and regain her competitive spirit in no time.

She admitted to the interviewer that she had a fragile body that was prone to injury. In 2009, she had knee ligament injury and a year before the Rio Olympics she suffered the same injury again.

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Wishing you a quick recovery Judoka Hedvig Karakas

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