Friday, December 9, 2016

Brussels is trying to “corner” Hungary when it comes to migration issues, János Lázár, head of the government office, told a weekly government news briefing.

The government will maintain its standpoint, “whether it has supporters or not”, Lázár said.

“Pro-migration forces” are preparing for a “breakthrough” at the European Council’s next meeting on Friday, he said, noting that the working documents of the EU now contain phrases like “mandatory distribution” and “mandatory solidarity”.

“Germany and others” are pushing for a decision to be passed in the next few weeks but Hungary is “not ready” to grant approval for the mandatory distribution of migrants, because “its hands are tied” by the results of a referendum, as well as decisions by parliament and the Constitutional Court, Lázár insisted. The 150 billion forints (EUR 480m) for Hungary’s border fence should be included in EU solidarity expenses, he added.

While the EU is proposing the automatic distribution of migrants, Hungary’s standpoint is that migrants should not be allowed to enter the EU, and those already within the Schengen borders should be taken outside and made to go through immigration procedures, he said.



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