Friday, December 2, 2016

Hungary has gone from being stigmatised and marginalised to being “a part of the winning team”, the prime minister said.

Addressing a plenary session of the Hungarian Permanent Conference (MÁÉRT) in Budapest, Viktor Orbán said that “it has become easier to take sides with Hungary throughout the world.”

The greatest achievement of his government in the past six years has been “unifying the nation” and fostering cooperation with ethnic Hungarian communities, he said. “One hundred years after Trianon, components of the Hungarian nation have found each other…” he said.

Orbán noted that so far 810,000 ethnic Hungarians have been naturalised under Hungary’s dual citizenship law.

It is regrettable that countries in the region may not have met expectations in promoting ethnic minority rights following their EU accession, he said, referring to Romania and its restriction of the use of ethnic Hungarian symbols and a “campaign” against ethnic leaders “under the pretext of fighting corruption”.

He said the upcoming Romanian elections would be of crucial importance, and urged ethnic Hungarians to participate and ensure strong representation for their minority in the Bucharest parliament.



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