Thursday, January 5, 2017

Illegal “mass migration” will stay a top issue in 2017 and the situation “could even aggravate”, the prime minister’s chief internal security advisor said.

György Bakondi said that illegal immigrants have continued to arrive in Europe through the Balkans and from Libya to Italy.

While fewer migrants have preferred the former route, increasing numbers have been reported from the latter.

Concerning Hungary’s borders, Bakondi said that 470 people had made an illegal entry since stringent regulations were introduced in July last year, mostly from Romania and Ukraine.

The border police prevented 10,600 people from crossing the iron fence along the Serbian border, and returned 8,300 others who had managed to cross the fence and were apprehended within eight kilometres of the border.

Last year 29,400 applications for political refugee status were received, of which 438 have been approved. A total 4,360 applications were rejected, while in 48,885 cases -- including applications from 2015 -- the procedure was terminated because the applicants had left the country. The applicants included 18,000 Afghans, 4,900 Syrians, 3,800 Pakistanis, 3,500 Iraqis and 1,300 Iranians. Currently there are 829 migrants staying in Hungary, Bakondi said.



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