Chinese company may invest billions of HUF into Hungarian Children Football Academy

Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Chinese investment fund seriously interested in buying “Budapest Honvéd” Children Football Academy.

For the time being the news hasn't been confirmed by the owner of the club George F. Hemingway.

The news was leaked by quoting a source in Hong Kong that clearly stated that a Chinese investment fund has been in talks with the Hungarian club since October 2016.

The Hong Kong-based investment fund wants to acquire majority stake in the club and in the Hungarian Children Football Academy.

The Chinese company among other things operates private schools in Chinese-speaking countries. The Chinese government recently, launched a major initiative to develop public school sports; the private sector sees great potential in the initiative that would allow them to set up the type of training and educational centers like the Hungarian Children Football Academy.

According to, if the fund managers can reach an agreement with the owner of the football club, Hungarian style training centers would be created in southern China that could accommodate up to five thousand players; the would be owner pledged to continue financing the Budapest Children Academy as well.

The owner of “Budapest Honvéd” Soccer Club is out of the country at the moment and the players of the academy are currently, in Turkey.

He however, briefly commented on the news report by saying that potential buyers and investors are constantly interested in the club, especially, in the elite Children Football Academy, but he neither confirmed nor denied media reports on the sale of the club.

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