Liberal exremists pretending to be independent want to torpedo the 2024 Budapest Olympics

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Repeatedly failed left-liberal politicians are behind the signature collection campaign launched by Momentum Movement aiming to torpedo 2024 Budapest Summer Olympics write "".

Momentum Movement - a new front for extremist liberal politicians - emerged out of nowhere and as "" has pointed out enjoys the support of fake left-wing politicians and hard-core globalists; the movement is supported by Gyurcsany party, Socialist party and other fringe party politicians whose main goal is to serve the country up to international corporations and destroy Hungarian culture by flooding the country with third world immigrants.

The spiritual heirs of these globalist assets already demonstrated how much they hate the country - they successfully torpedoed the Budapest Expo two decades ago.

"" has learned that practically, all left- liberal opposition parties supporting the "NOlimpia" campaign, including the socialist party that earlier supported Budapest’s bid for 2024 Olympics.

According to the Democratic Coalition party - an extremist liberal fringe party run by Former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany who in 2006 ordered police to shoot at peaceful citizens celebrating the national holiday - the Olympics may bankrupt the country.

In the name of government János Lázár reacted to the liberal opposition's deceitful campaign by saying that referendum on the Budapest Summer Games couldn't be ruled out, but it was too early to comment further on the issue - first, the globalist opposition must collect the required number of signatures.

The signature collection campaign was launched on Blaha Lujza Square in Budapest last week. Activists have to collect 138 thousand signatures in 30 days to have hope that the court validates the referendum initiative.

In the campaign the liberal establishment counts a great deal on the signatures of retirees most of whom socialized in the communist era; these people are in such a poor mental health that they can be easily deceived as they are unable to connect the dots and recognize even the most obvious manipulative intent behind the campaign. They don’t realize that they are used by agents of behind the scene forces to advance their hidden agenda.

The Momentum Movement is just another front founded by behind the scene forces to establish a new foothold in the Hungarian political arena because the old, discredited left-liberal parties have zero chance to mount a comeback.

The creation of Momentum Movement is another attempt by the puppet masters to deceive the electorate before next year’s general election. Luckily, today, the majority of Hungarians are not as naive as they were after the collapse of communism in the early ‘90s. The majority of Hungarians understand what the liberal opposition is up to; they understand that the 2018 general election will be the globalist opposition’s last chance to turn back the wheel of history.



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