Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill visits Hungary to attend the consecration of the Russian Orthodox church in downtown Budapest

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill has accepted the Hungarian Government's invitation and visits Budapest to attend the consecration ceremony of the Russian Orthodox church, which is currently under renovation in downtown Budapest told Minister of State for Religious Affairs and Ethnic Relations Miklós Soltész to MTI.

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church will visit Hungary at the end of this year or early next year.

The Hungarian government donated HUF 100 million to the cost of the renovation of the missing top of the Russian Orthodox church that got damaged in the second world war.

Soltész, who is currently in Moscow, recalled that the invitation of the head of the Russian church to visit Hungary symbolically coincided with the 60th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution; "Hungarians did not fight against the Russian people, but against the Soviet system that oppressed the people of both countries," added Soltész.

Patriarch Kirill praised the Hungarian prime minister, and the Hungarian people's efforts to protect Christian values at a time when Western Europe has been sinking into atheism and the Muslim advance in the continent is well under way.

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church also praised the Hungarian government's family policy, its support of marriage, and its demographic policy, which are very important for Russia as well.

After meeting with the Patriarch, Soltész attended a luncheon where top Russian church leaders, Moscow city officials and representatives of the federal government also showed up.

During the day, the head of the Hungarian delegation attended a Christmas worship service in the Kremlin celebrated by Patriarch Kirill.

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The highest grade of the Russian Orthodox Church’s order of merit named after King Saint Stephen, founder of the Hungarian state, has been awarded to Miklós Soltész, Hungary’s state secretary in charge of church, minority and civil society relations.

The honour was presented by Tikhon, Metropolitan of Podolsk and administrator of the Russian Orthodox dioceses in Hungary and Austria, in Moscow.

Bishop Tikhon commended Soltész for his merits in promoting the cause of the Russian Orthodox Church and supporting Hungarian Russian church and other relations.

Soltész stressed the need to protect the two peoples’ common Christian roots and appreciated that both countries’ churches had been able to recover and strengthen after decades of communist rule.



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