The government re-introduces police detention for illegal aliens

Friday, January 13, 2017

Migrants who apply for asylum are not allowed to move freely in the territory of Hungary while their applications are being processed said the Head of the Prime Minister's Office János Lázár on Thursday’s briefing.

Regarding illegal immigration, the government foresees two major possibilities for 2017: 1) the government expects the worsening of the inflow of migrants into Europe and 2) there is a possibility that certain events in Europe may force the government to introduce enhanced security measures in the country.

Even if the asylum seeker's application rejected he can’t move freely in the territory of Hungary, or leave the country without permission; these measures are justified because of the increased terrorist threats plaguing the whole of Europe Lázár explained.

The head of the prime minister’s office also announced that "Hungary will represent its position more forcefully in upcoming meetings with EU official suggesting that the European Union should carry out border checks outside of Europe. The government will continue urging Brussels to round up immigrants, who are already in Europe, and ship them to locations outside of the EU borders - also unprocessed migrants should not be allowed to move freely in Europe, this is the Hungarian position," stressed the minister.

The European Commission and the European Council’s autumn meetings were unsuccessful, they could not solve the ongoing migration crisis and the situation remains problematic for migrants who are already in the European Union.

Lázár also added that the number of migrants heading for Hungary from Serbia increasing therefore, monitoring the Hungarian-Serbian border must be substantially stepped up.

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