Two demonstrations will be held on Donald Trump’s inauguration day in Budapest

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Two parallel demonstrations will be held in Budapest on Friday during the inauguration of Donald Trump. One of the events will be held to thank Barack Obama for all the good things he has accomplished in the past eight years; the other one to welcome incoming President Donald Trump.

Democrats Abroad Group Leader Marilyn Ball Brown, who also runs Democratic Party sympathizers living abroad group, told “Magyar Nemzet” that the demonstration designed primarily to "thank President Barack Obama for all the good things he has accomplished in the last two presidential term."

Supporters will also thank outgoing US Ambassador to Budapest Colleen Bell for her efforts to improve American-Hungarian relations. Bell leaves the country on January 20 - Donald Trump recalled all Obama's political appointees from foreign service.

Demonstrators won't target Donald Trump said Brown; but another prospective participant remarked that "they also point out that they reject Trump's policies."

The second demonstration will be held at Ronald Reagan’s statue near the US embassy to welcome incoming president Donald Trump.

This event is organized by one of New York’s Civil Circle Founders Ákos Szilágyi.

The event's main slogan will be make a better World Order - Inauguration Party. Organizers welcome everyone who supports the idea of improving Hungarian-American relations and who supports limited and controlled immigration, but rejects mandatory quotas.

Organizers also invite patriotic Hungarians who are fed up with being branded extremists for openly expressing their love for their country and who believe in the need to preserve conservative values.

Several Hungarian journalists indicated their intention to attend the event, among them Zsolt Bayer, András Bencsik, László Bogár, György Nógrádi and László Gy. Tóth.

Donald Trump's supporters and opponents stage demonstrations around the world in the coming days - rallies will be held in Wellington, Nairobi, Paris and in cities across America.

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