Call for the elimination of nation-states

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Presidents of the German, Italian, French and Luxembourg parliaments published an open letter on Sunday urging EU authorities to take action and create a federal European Union.

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Hungary under attack by liberals and left-wingers in the EP

According to the Government Spokesperson, left-wing and liberal politicians attacked Hungary because of its immigration policy on Monday in the European Parliament (EP), based on complaints by international organisations financed by George Soros.

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Communism and Nazism are the intellectual products of the west - PM Viktor Orbán

Monday, February 27, 2017

The West finds all kinds of excuses to diminish the sins of Communism and the European Union is reluctant to denounce unequivocally the crimes of communism said Prime Minister Viktor Orban at the National Heritage Institute (NORI) Victims of Communism Memorial Day commemoration, at the Rákoskeresztúr new public cemetery.

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Hungarian-Americans would like to see former Governor of New York George Pataki as the new US Ambassador to Hungary

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Hungarian-Americans bombarding Donald Trump's office with letters asking the president to appoint former Governor of New York George Pataki as the new US Ambassador to Budapest learned

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Statue of Poet Sándor Petőfi unveiled in Shanghai Lu Xun Park

Saturday, February 25, 2017

With the support of the Hungarian National Bank, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade the statue of Poet Sándor Petőfi has been unveiled in Shanghai Lu Xun park.

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The globalist opposition betrayed the Hungarian sporting community

Friday, February 24, 2017

In an interview with Kossuth Radio on Friday Prime Minister Viktor Orbán blasted the globalist opposition for torpedoing Hungary's Olympic bid; the opposition betrayed the dream of Hungarian athletes when launched a signature campaign against Budapest Olympic bid to force the government to hold a referendum on the issue.

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2017 Day of Honor Memorial (Photos)

This year's Day of Honor Memorial attended by hundreds of people to pay tribute to fallen soldiers and civilians died while attempting to break the siege of Budapest in the last days of the second world war.

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Hungary Unites With Poland To Fight Brussels

Thursday, February 23, 2017


An unprecedented attempt by the European Union’s unelected executive to alter national policy in Poland, on the basis of supposed “rule of law” deficiencies, will end in failure, as Hungary refuses to support sanctions.

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Russian automaker kickstarts sales in Germany

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Lada Vesta Sport Concept car on display at the Moscow International Auto Salon © Sergei Karpukhin / Reuters

Major Russian car producer AvtoVAZ has started selling the new Lada Vesta model in Germany, the company announced on Tuesday.

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The Government recommends withdrawal of Budapest’s Olympic bid

On Wednesday evening the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister informed MTI that the Government has decided to make a recommendation to Budapest City Council and the Hungarian Olympic Committee that they withdraw Budapest’s bid to host the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics.

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The globalist opposition stole the dream of Hungarian athletes by torpedoing 2024 Budapest Summer Olympics

The most treacherous political formation that has ever existed in this country torpedoed Hungary's bid for 2024 Budapest Olympics.

Fifth column activists, foreign agents and the Hungarophobe fake left-wing parties joined forces with TV watchers, trash media consumers, soap opera addicts, promoters of sexual aberrations, the refuse of the communist era and Hungary haters to force the government to withdraw Hungary’s bid to host the 2024 Budapest Olympics.

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Young Iranian chess grandmaster expelled from national team for not wearing hijab

© PowerPlayChess / YouTube

Iran has banned 18-year-old chess grandmaster Dorsa Derakhshani from competing for the national chess team for not wearing a hijab – obligatory dress for women under Iranian law.

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Hungary supports the development of Pakistan with 200 scholarships in higher education

The amendment of the Higher Education and Scientific Exchange Programme between Hungary and Pakistan was signed on 21 February 2017 in Islamabad.

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Viktor Orbán welcomes Patriarch of Syrian Orthodox Church for working lunch

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Prime Minister Orbán received Patriarch of the Syrian Orthodox Church His Holiness Patriarch Mor Ignatius Aphrem II for a working lunch in the Parliament Building on Tuesday.

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Ivanka Trump becomes hot commodity in China

Ivanka Trump speaks with a guest, Washington, DC © Carlos Barria / Reuters

At least 65 Chinese companies and individuals have applied to use the name of US President’s oldest daughter Ivanka as a trademark for their products.

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Thermal spa planned in Diósd

Monday, February 20, 2017

There is a plan to convert an unused limestone mine into a thermal spa in Diósd.

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The Case of Saltman: Iranian Historians Unravel Ancient Murder Mystery

Iranian scientists have managed to uncover the cause of death of what's probably the country’s most famous mummy, who dates back to the first millennia B.C.

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Comprehensive military modernization program has been launched

Sunday, February 19, 2017

The goal is to turn the Hungarian Army into a potent force by 2026 said Minister of Defence István Simicskó at the Hungarian Defence Forces Annual executive meeting on Tuesday in Budapest.

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Retrial for Jesus: New campaign launched in Israel to fix initial 'rigged' event that took place 2,000 years ago

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Jewish Orthodox Scholar Ariel Cohen Alloro campaigning for reopening the case of Jesus Christ. Alloro argues that a public retrial of the Savior is necessary because his first trial 2000 years ago was rigged. This time the verdict will be: he is not guilty.

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President Donald Trump humbles the presstitutes and fake news producers

It was fun to watch President Trump’s news conference, as he humbled the arrogant presstitutes and fake news producers who tried to embarrass the president by challenging his views on US - Russian relations.

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Picture of the day: Venus photographed near Felsőtárkány

Friday, February 17, 2017

The photo shows the zodiacal light, Venus and the Milky Way photographed from Bükk Plateau near Felsőtárkány in Northern Hungary on February 16, 2017. The zodiacal light is caused by the sunlight reflected by interplanetary dust. The phenomenon can be observed after sunset in February and March and in September and October before sunrise. Photo: Peter Komka / MTI

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Ukraine will collapse in 2017, NATO will not help

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Italian geopolitical analyst Marco Carlo predicted the collapse of Ukraine in 2017. In his article, published in Notizie Geopolitiche, Carlo suggested that Donald Trump's policy of isolationism will lead to the transformation of Ukraine. As a result of the transformation, Ukraine will find itself in the hands of Europe and Russia.

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Arab fashion show honoring Russian President Vladimir Putin

Arab fashion show held in Moscow honored Russian President Vladimir Putin by a dress creation depicting the president as an angel.

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Dramatic rescue from icy flood

Workers tried to secure a ferryboat when the dock rope has broken and the icy water swept the ferry away with a nightwatch on board. He had to be be rescued by helicopter.

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The wind of the collapse of the unipolar world order is already being felt in the EU, which could be unrecognizable in a matter of months

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

EU to Hold Free Trade Summit With China

In response to the White House’s rising economic nationalism, the European Union brings forward a summit with China to promote free trade and international cooperation.

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Ghost ship drifting along aimlessly with the icy flood on Tisza river

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Deportation of rejected asylum seekers is a major problem for most EU countries

The deportation of asylum seekers is a serious problem in most EU countries, as most of the migrants crossed several countries before entering the Schengen Zone said Security Expert István Gyarmati to M1 TV Sunday morning show.

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Massive ice floes drift ships away on Tisza

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

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Patriot György Budaházy has been released from jail

Patriot György Budaházy has been released from Venyige street penitentiary and placed under house arrest.

Sympathizers and family members waited for his release in front of the jail on Monday evening waving flags and chanting slogans; but he was spirited out of the building through a backdoor and was taken home by police leaving supporters out in the cold.


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The US liberal media attacking one of Trump’s top aids Hungarian national Sebastian Gorka

Monday, February 13, 2017

The US liberal media attacking one of Trump’s top aids Sebastian Gorka because during Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony he wore the “Vitézi Rend” medal founded by Miklós Horthy.

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Picture of the day: Huge ice jams are developing in rivers across the country

Locals watching the flooding Tisza river near Tiszacsege. February 13, 2017. Photo: Zsolt Czeglédi / MTI

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Hungary is among the top ten countries with best work-life balance for expats

Lianna Brinded

Achieving a healthy work-life balance is a top priority for most people. And there are some countries that promote a better culture of that than others.

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Founding joint ventures could be an important future area of Russian-Hungarian agricultural cooperation

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Photo: Csaba Pelsőczy/Ministry of Agriculture

“Founding joint ventures could be an important future area of Russian-Hungarian agricultural cooperation”, the two countries’ agriculture ministers determined during their negotiations in Moscow on Monday.

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The Army restores the graves of fallen soldiers

Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Army restored the graves of fallen soldiers died during the siege of Budapest as Hungarian-German forces tried to breakout of the Red Army’s encirclement of the capital on February 11, 1945.

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PM Viktor Orbán evaluates year 2016

The highlights

The prime minister held his nineteenth state of the nation address on Friday in Budapest Castle Garden Bazaar.

In the past year, the silent majority of Europe rebelled against political correctness said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Hungarians started the rebellion in 2010.

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Nigel Farage: Romania SHOULDN'T have been allowed to join EU


“’s a country in which up to four million people are viciously discriminated against because of their race and I find it really hard to believe that we are in a political union with a country that is in a state like Romania.

During a heated debate on his LBC show, the former Ukip leader clashed with a caller who took offence to Mr Farage’s comments.

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All Heineken products including those made in Hungary will be banned from Europe’s largest equestrian event, Kurultaj

Friday, February 10, 2017

Organizers of Hungary and Europe’s largest equestrian event Kurultáj, which attracts more than quarter of a million visitors and the Hungarian Turan Foundation announced yesterday that due to the aggressive business practices of Heineken, as well as a Romanian court ruling against the ethnic Hungarian manufacturer of Csíki beer, Heineken products will be banned from all community events in the future.

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Exclusive: In First Talk With Jewish Media, Hungary’s Far Right Leader Strikes A New Pose

Thursday, February 9, 2017

By Lili Bayer February 8, 2017 BUDAPEST

Gábor Vona, who heads Hungary’s far-right party, Jobbik, famously showed up on his first day as a member of Parliament in 2010 wearing the uniform of a banned racist and an anti-Semitic paramilitary group.

But the morning of Wednesday, February 1, sitting in his office overlooking the partially frozen Danube River, Vona was dressed in a simple gray suit for his first-ever interview with a Jewish publication.

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Romania turned into ‘NATO outpost,’ poses ‘outright threat’ to Russia – senior diplomat

The deckhouse of the Aegis Ashore Missile Defense System (AAMDS) at Deveselu air base, Romania, May 12, 2016. © Inquam Photos / Reuters

When Romania agreed to host elements of NATO’s anti-ballistic missile system, it turned into a security threat to Russia, a senior Russian diplomat said. Moscow now regards some Romanian policies as ‘Russophobic.’

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Taekwondoka Luca Patakfalvy wins the US Open in juniors 49 kg category

The event was held in Las Vegas between January 31 and February 3.

The young Hungarian taekwondoka could participate in the tournament thanks to the support of the New Europe Foundation MOL Talent Support Program.

She won all her fights by defeating three US and two Canadian opponents.

( -

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7D Hologram Technology Amazing Show in Dubai !!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

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The USA will collapse in eight years

Is the United States of America degrading and falling apart? Will Donald Trump be able to stop the collapse of the country? Will his opponents - global financial elites - be able to initiate a civil war? Pravda.Ru editor-in-chief Inna Novikova discusses these questions in an interview with president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Leonid Ivashov.

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The banned Csíki beer is back under different name

After years of relentless campaign against the ethnic Hungarian beer manufacturer by Heineken, Hungarophobe Romanian officials that are always ready to attack ethnic Hungarian businesses in Romania banned the manufacture of Csíki beer.

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'Violent, Unlawful': Hungary Proposes Detention Centers for Asylum Seekers

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

© REUTERS/ Marko Djurica

Hungary is to presents proposals to automatically detain all asylum seekers at specially constructed centers during their asylum applications to the European Union – and a spokesperson for Amnesty International has told Sputnik the Hungarian government is keeping refugees out of the country using violent and unlawful means.

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Betyársereg political wing has been formed

Betyársereg annual meeting was held for the fourth time this year, and the first time, the Hungarian Self-Defense Movement was also invited to the meeting.

One of the interesting episodes of the meeting was when Betyársereg (which is first and foremost a network of martial art clubs) received thirty British police tactical vests as gifts from Knights Templar International.


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Two-time European Champion and 2012 London Olympic Bronze Medalist Judoka Éva Csernoviczki got her diploma

Two-time European champion and 2012 London Olympic bronze medalist Judoka Éva Csernoviczki (30) successfully passed her final exam at Zsigmond Károly University Faculty of International Relations.

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Stamp honoring the victims of Gulag

Monday, February 6, 2017

Minister of Human Resources Zoltán Balog (left) and Zoltán Illés, President and CEO of Magyar Posta Rt. shake hands at the official press presentation of the release of the stamp commemorating the victims of Gulag. February 6, 2017. Photo: Máthé Zoltán / MTI

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Talented Turkish High School Band performs “Szállj Fel Szabad Madár”, an excerpt from “István a Király” Rock Opera - MUST WATCH

This very talented Student Band from “Kadıköy Anadolu Lisesi” High School performs an excerpt from the popular Hungarian rock opera “István a Király”.

This is what they write:
Hey folks! So, my school (Kadıköy Anadolu Lisesi) got involved in an eTwinning act this year. And as a part of that we have covered this Hungarian song called "Szállj Fel Szabad Madár" from a rock opera. It was a fun song to cover. I still don't have any idea about the lyrical meaning tho :) Enjoy it!

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Minister of Human Resources Zoltán Balog attended Washington National Prayer Breakfast

Sunday, February 5, 2017

During the Thursday prayer breakfast in Washington, Balog had a casual conversation with newly appointed US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

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Friday, February 3, 2017

A way to reverse a decline in Russian-Hungarian trade would be to implement new large-scale investment projects, the Russian health minister told business daily Világgazdaság ahead of a visit by the Russian president. Veronika Skvortsova noted cooperation developing between Russia and Hungary in the vehicle manufacturing and energy industries.

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Memorial plaque commemorating to Musician, Singer, Songwriter Máté Péter has been unveiled

Musician, Singer, Songwriter Máté Péter memorial plaque was unveiled on the wall of the building where he had lived and worked on Krisztina boulevard in the first district.

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Picture of the day: Heavy fog covers parts of Budapest

Morning fog in “Városliget.” February 3, 2017. Photos: MTI

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Besides the energy sector Hungarian - Russian cooperation may expand to other sectors as well

Thursday, February 2, 2017

The announcement by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Russian President Vladimir Putin that Hungarian - Russian collaboration can be expanded to other sectors as well is very good news for Hungary said the Head of Zsigmond Király University Geopolitical Research Centre Ágnes Bernek to M1 TV.

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Putin is the third most popular foreign politician in Hungary according to new poll by Závecz Research

New survey by Závecz Research shows that Pope Francis (79%) is the most popular public figure among Hungarians followed by former US President Barrack Obama (70%) and Russian President Vladimir Putin (49%).

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Liberal agent provocateurs were not allowed to stage "whistle protest"

Police didn't let a bunch of liberal agent provocateurs to gether at the protest site to stage a whistle protest against Russian President Vladimir Putin's Budapest visit.

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National police chief Károly Papp inaugurated the police force’s new fleet of five MD902 helicopters.

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Deputy Russian Defence Minister arrives for courtesy visit

Minister of Defence Dr. István Simicskó received Russian Deputy Minister of Defence Yuriy Ivanovich Borisov for a courtesy visit in Budapest on Wednesday, 1 February.

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On the eve of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Budapest visit, heavy snowfall and ice pellets hit the country

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Due to the snowfall and freezing rain parts of Budapest and the surrounding areas were closed to traffic. Other parts of the country are also experiencing severe weather conditions.

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The Prime Minister visits troops at the southern border

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán visited troops stationed at the southern border on January 30 with his homeland security adviser, György Bakondi. He inspected the border fence and visited the Röszke transit zone where he met police officers and soldiers.

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Nézőpont Intézet: Nearly half of Hungarians oppose sanctions on Russia

Nearly half of Hungarians (47 percent) oppose EU sanctions against Russia, and only a third (33 percent) sympathize with them - according to a new poll by Nézőpont Intézet.

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