All Heineken products including those made in Hungary will be banned from Europe’s largest equestrian event, Kurultaj

Friday, February 10, 2017

Organizers of Hungary and Europe’s largest equestrian event Kurultáj, which attracts more than quarter of a million visitors and the Hungarian Turan Foundation announced yesterday that due to the aggressive business practices of Heineken, as well as a Romanian court ruling against the ethnic Hungarian manufacturer of Csíki beer, Heineken products will be banned from all community events in the future.

All catering companies and commercial outlets that set up shops at Kurultaj will be notified of the decision in the coming days.

Organizers of Kurultaj also call on their friends and supporters to stop buying Heineken products even when attending private or family events.

The Dutch company manipulated the outcome of the court decision by tacitly appealing to Romanian authorities’ chauvinistic sentiments to ruin ethnic Hungarian businesses and attack the Hungarian community in general.

The aggressive Dutch company has been campaigning against the ethnic Hungarian manufacturer of Csíki beer since 2015. The company repeatedly called on Hungarophobe Romanian officials to ban the Csíki beer and its promotion in Romania and order the destruction of the company's assets write organizers of Kurultaj.

Romanian chauvinists were happy to support the multinational company’s campaign against the ethnic Hungarian manufacturer of Csíki beer because they saw an opportunity in the campaign to attack ethnic Hungarian institutions, the Hungarian language and the symbols of ethnic Hungarians by hiding behind a seemingly economic issue.

The Dutch multinational company openly appealed to Romanian authorities' anti-minority sentiments to hasten the destruction of one of its competitors knowing fully well that one of the undeclared goals of official Romanian state policy is to eradicate Hungarian culture from Erdély.

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