Communism and Nazism are the intellectual products of the west - PM Viktor Orbán

Monday, February 27, 2017

The West finds all kinds of excuses to diminish the sins of Communism and the European Union is reluctant to denounce unequivocally the crimes of communism said Prime Minister Viktor Orban at the National Heritage Institute (NORI) Victims of Communism Memorial Day commemoration, at the Rákoskeresztúr new public cemetery.

Admitting that Communism and National Socialism are Western intellectual products (Marx, Engels and the cultural Marxists of the Frankfurt School etc ed.) is not a popular notion in the west today.

In western Europe, the idea of communism remained a sweet theory for members of the intelligentsia, artists, writers and politicians meanwhile, the Eastern and Central European countries suffered the consequences of those toxic ideologies said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

No wonder that western Europe has a guilty conscience when it comes to admitting the crimes of communism.

The reluctance to condemn those crimes can be explained by the EU's left leaning policies; while the crimes of Nazism were strictly dealt with, the leaders of the free world still reluctant to denounce the crimes of communism.

Here in Central Europe, after a quarter of a century we still remember the communist atrocities, because the scars are still everywhere in our societies added the prime minister.

Plots 298, 300 and 301 are "time capsules" (this is a section of the cemetery where the victims of the 1956 uprising were buried in unmarked graves) that encapsulate the brutality of communist dictatorship. The communists wanted to erase even the memory of those who buried here like the memory of those that swallowed by the Gulag Archipelago.

This memorial day however, is a testimony that the crimes of the communist dictatorship won’t ever be forgotten.

The inhuman ideology of communism claimed nearly one hundred million lives worldwide. This oppressive ideology attacked the freedom of the individual, the nation, and the sovereignty of the state.

Hungarians have first hand experience of the brutality and devastating effects of communism; therefore, it is our duty to oppose all forms of tyranny wherever it rears its ugly head says the statement issued by the Fidesz party at the eve of the Victims of Communism memorial day.

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