PM Viktor Orbán evaluates year 2016

Saturday, February 11, 2017

The highlights

The prime minister held his nineteenth state of the nation address on Friday in Budapest Castle Garden Bazaar.

In the past year, the silent majority of Europe rebelled against political correctness said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Hungarians started the rebellion in 2010.

Discontent turned into full blown rebellion because in Western Europe and overseas, "open societies", “political correctness”, and "political thought police" firmly established themselves.

Open societies put an end to dialogue based democracy, and replaced it with political correctness; real power, and decision making were taken away from elected governments and given to world-wide networks and media gurus as well as international organizations that no one has elected.

The economic ideals of open society can be likened to foxes in the henhouse being allowed to compete freely; when it turns out that the foxes always win they say to the people well, this is how things are. When "unfortunate European citizens" finally started realizing what was going on, they got millions of migrants with diverse religious and cultural backgrounds to deal with added the prime minister.

As a result of mass migration, the world's most bizarre coalition has been formed among people smugglers, human rights activists and top European politicians who conspired to ship millions of migrants to Europe.

The prime minister thinks that the globalists won’t give up on their plan to ship millions of migrants to Europe.

Liberal politicians argue that "ordinary people pose a danger to democracy": these are the people who earlier demanded freedom of the press; but, they suddenly, changed their minds and want restrictions on the Internet added the prime minister.

2016 wasn’t a boring year at all; those who thought the global world order is unchangeable had to realize that history suddenly, "has taken a sharp turn."

To illustrate his point the prime minister mentioned Brexit, the US presidential elections, the fall of the Italian government, and the Hungarian quota referendum - people are tired of the arrogance of the global elite and their aggressive promotion of utopias.

Hungary finally left the culture of self-pity behind and entered into the field of action.

Hungarians suffered long enough from insecurity, and from helpless, and awkwardly leaders who kept telling them why certain things can’t be done.

Good governance improves the well-being of the people in such a way that citizens don’t even notice it. Let's make 2017 such a year so that when it ends we can say with great satisfaction that everything went smoothly said Orbán.

In the past seven years, Hungary has built up its own customized, political and economic system that fits to the special needs of Hungarians.

Although the former US government, Brussels, and Berlin pressed our country hard to let migrants into Europe, the Hungarian government resisted and built a border fence stopping the inflow of migrants into Hungary and Europe.

"Of course we will accept real refugees from Germany, Italy, or France if the citizens of those countries lose their livelihood in their homeland and want to start a new life in Hungary."

“We were the black sheeps of Europe for a long time and now, we have become a success story" said prime minister Viktor Orbán.

Hungary is getting stronger by the day: "Tomorrow does not cast a shadow on today, because there is no reason to be nervous about tomorrow - Hungarian families will recover financially," he added. "I'm committed to the creation of the kind of social structure where not one child can grow up seeing his/her parents out of work. We are still far from that ideal situation therefore, we must be modest."

But before the bright future dawns on us we must face once again "The intensified activity of international organizations, forces that want to influence Hungarian domestic politics. Should we give in to those foreign influence attempts? That is the question. We are not talking about NGOs who take up important issues to carry them to successful completion, but foreign paid agents. Large predators are involved in the game like George Soros and his transnational empire that have lots of money and working tirelessly to ship hundreds of thousands of migrants to Europe,"- stressed Viktor Orbán.

About the voices of domestic opposition the prime minister had this to say: "The Hungarian mind-set is that no matter how thick the butter on the bread, some people always want it thicker; I would like to see any government with which all people are satisfied. This is who we are and no one should be offended by the voices of dissent," said the prime minister.

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