The Army restores the graves of fallen soldiers

Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Army restored the graves of fallen soldiers died during the siege of Budapest as Hungarian-German forces tried to breakout of the Red Army’s encirclement of the capital on February 11, 1945.

"On the night of 11 February [1945], some 28,000 German and Hungarian troops began to stream north-westwards away from Castle Hill. They moved in three waves. Thousands of civilians were with each wave. Entire families, pushing prams, trudged through the snow and ice. Unfortunately for the would-be escapees, the Soviets awaited them in prepared positions around the Széll Kálmán tér area.

Troops, along with the civilians, used heavy fog to their advantage. The first wave managed to surprise the waiting Soviet soldiers and artillery; their sheer numbers allowed many to escape. The second and third waves were less fortunate. Soviet artillery and rocket batteries bracketed the escape area, with deadly results that killed thousands. Despite heavy losses, five to ten thousand people managed to reach the wooded hills northwest of Budapest and escape towards Vienna, but only 600–700 German soldiers reached the main German lines from Budapest.

The majority of the escapees were killed, wounded, or captured by the Soviet troops. Pfeffer-Wildenbruch and Hindy were captured by waiting Soviet troops as they emerged from an underground tunnel running from the Castle District." - wikipedia

Lieutenant Balázs Kiss, Lt. Matthias Botond Hunor and Sergeant Ernesztina Tikász carried out the clean up work in the extreme cold.

Those who will take part this year's 60-km memorial tour to honor the fallen soldiers can place their candles of remembrance on cleaned up wartime graves scattered in the wooded area of Buda wrote Former Jobbik vice-President and Member of Parliament Előd Novák.

Budapest védői állva haltak meg!
Defenders of Budapest died standing!

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