The globalist opposition betrayed the Hungarian sporting community

Friday, February 24, 2017

In an interview with Kossuth Radio on Friday Prime Minister Viktor Orbán blasted the globalist opposition for torpedoing Hungary's Olympic bid; the opposition betrayed the dream of Hungarian athletes when launched a signature campaign against Budapest Olympic bid to force the government to hold a referendum on the issue.

Referendum is an internal matter, but the Olympic bid must be won before the International Olympic Committee the prime minister said.

Winning a referendum at home is one thing; it simply means that the majority of people support the project but to win the right to host the Olympics you need unity.

That’s why the two other candidate cities - Paris and Los Angeles - do not hold a referendum on the issue said the prime minister adding that in the history of Summer Games there is no example of a successful bid when a candidate city held a referendum on the issue.

According to the prime minister, after the referendum the Olympic bid wouldn't have a chance to win; by sticking with the original plan the country would have been exposed to an obvious failure.

It is a pain to withdraw Hungary's bid to host the 2024 Olympics because so many Hungarians dreamed about it for so long.

There is a political organization (Momentum Movement that started a petition campaign) which has made no secret about the fact that it was not interested in the Olympics but actually, looking for a political platform to pursue its political agenda, to put itself on the political map to run as a party in next year’s general election. On the altar of this political ambition it even sacrificed the dream of Hungarian athletes.

Momentum Movement tries to resuscitate the old liberal party (that Hungarians voted out of existence). We know what we can expect from these people, because we experienced their toxic policies before - we have to prepare for a Socialist party - Momentum Movement coalition in next year’s general election the prime minister added.

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