The globalist opposition stole the dream of Hungarian athletes by torpedoing 2024 Budapest Summer Olympics

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The most treacherous political formation that has ever existed in this country torpedoed Hungary's bid for 2024 Budapest Olympics.

Fifth column activists, foreign agents and the Hungarophobe fake left-wing parties joined forces with TV watchers, trash media consumers, soap opera addicts, promoters of sexual aberrations, the refuse of the communist era and Hungary haters to force the government to withdraw Hungary’s bid to host the 2024 Budapest Olympics.

They launched a signature collection campaign by mobilizing the most obscene segment of Hungarian society forcing the government to review the Olympic bid.

President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach reacted to the signature campaign by saying that there were political objectives behind the campaign, which jeopardizes Budapest’s chances to host the 2024 Summer Games.

The president added that there were ulterior motives behind the campaign; those forces that took part in the campaign wanted to put themselves on the Hungarian political map.

Despite the troubles, the Hungarian Olympic Committee (MOB) still entertains some hopes that a consensus on the issue can be reached. (I doubt it. ed.)

"There are national issues that should not be hostage of bipartisan politics!" - wrote Zsolt Borkai, President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee on the organization’s website.

The Hungarian Olympic Committee consulted with all political parties before Hungary decided to bid for 2024 Summer Olympics, asking all political parties to support the plan; then, nobody opposed it writes Borkai.

It is not fair that those who earlier supported the initiative backed out of the consensus in the last moment he added.

I can't understand why the opposition parties abandoned a national cause in a morally questionable way, why do they make a political issue out of a national sporting event said Borkai.

Budapest had excellent chances to host the Olympics because everyone loved the creative ideas organizers submitted to the International Olympic Committee.

The International Olympic Committee will chose 2024 Olympic host city this fall in Lima, Peru.

* * * * *

The new Duna Swimming Complex which was opened on Tuesday, will be one of the central facilities of this year's aquatic world championship. Its key was handed over to Olympic and World Champion swimmer Katinka Hosszú by the Mayor of Budapest István Tarlós.

Three-time Olympic Champion Swimmer Katinka Hosszu commented on the globalist opposition’s anti-Olympic campaign by saying that the Budapest Summer Games would be a great event in all athletes' career; in other words, she, like most Hungarian athletes firmly behind the Budapest Olympics.

"As a swimmer, I can say that every Hungarian athlete would be very happy to compete before a home crowd..." said Katinka to InfoRádio after the opening ceremony of the Duna Swimming Complex.

“Budapest Olympics would be a great motivation for me to extend my career until 2024,” she added. The Budapest bid was very popular even in Rio, "... many people asked me about it and congratulated me."

“Due to political wrangling this dream of mine perhaps won't come true, but this, I still can't say for certain - we'll see what the final decision will be” said Katinka.

* * * * *

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the Mayor of Budapest István Tarlós held extended discussions on the fate of Budapest’s Olympic bid.

At the meeting in the Parliament Building the parties agreed that Budapest Municipality and the Government will review the situation at their respective meetings next Wednesday. The press chiefs’ communication states that following these meetings – on Wednesday evening or on Thursday at the latest – Mr. Orbán and Mr. Tarlós will meet again to discuss any further measures that may be necessary. (MTI)

Let’s hope that Hungarians will remember the treachery of the globalist opposition and vote accordingly in next year’s general election. This is not the first time that these forces successfully prevented a world class event to take place in Hungary. In the ‘90s the very same forces successfully campaigned against the Budapest Expo. If this globalist horde won’t be wiped off the political map in next year’s general election and continue littering the political landscape they can cause more harm to the country than the communists of the Kadar era.



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