Fifth column activists tried to disrupt Ásotthalom National Holiday Celebration but didn't succeed

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Soros funded fifth column activists tried to disrupt Ásotthalom National Holiday Celebration yesterday by storming the settlement's Community Center writes the mayor of the town László Toroczkai on Facebook.

A detachment of five people dressed in Darth Vader costumes plus photographers that came with them to record the provocation, stormed the Community Center, but they missed the timing as the children's program hasn't started yet, writes Toroczkai.

When they realized the mistake they went to the central celebration site to disrupt the ongoing wreath laying ceremony at Petőfi Memorial, but police stopped them from spoiling the event.

Finally, I took pity of the agent provocateurs and asked them what did they want. They told me they were unhappy with my border protection activities and with the ongoing proceedings against their homosexual friends against whom I filed a criminal complaint. (Last year, fifth column and gay rights activists staged a protest in front of Ásotthalom Community Center to express their opposition to local regulations that restrict the rights of illegal immigrants in the town; in response, Toroczkai filed a complaint against the activists.)

Finally, we threw the agent provocateurs out of the Community Center as they wanted to continue the provocation; they lingered for some time before the closed gates and fences then, they left town.

The only result they could achieve was to frighten children - although, they don't deserve so much attention - I will file a complaint with police against them writes Toroczkai.

I'm not surprised that these characters don't respect Hungarian national holidays because they have nothing common with the Hungarian nation writes Toroczkai.

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