Hungary blocked EU draft resolution criticizing China and Egypt

Friday, March 24, 2017 has learned that Hungary blocked an EU resolution that criticized China for imprisoning five human rights activists.

Sources reported that in the final vote other countries also lined up behind the Hungarian motion.

This was not the first such case that Hungary successfully campaigned against an EU initiative.

Last autumn, a similar resolution was drafted by the European Union blaming China for the territorial disputes in South China See, but due to the opposition of Hungary and Croatia the draft resolution was dropped.

In another case, Hungary successfully lobbied at the UN Human Rights Council to amend a draft resolution critical of Egypt's human rights records.

The Human Rights Council discussed a draft report on March 14 criticizing Egypt for human rights violations; but due to the insistence of Hungarian diplomats the text of the draft was amended. As a result, critical paragraphs were removed from the final text making it more constructive and acceptable to everyone. The amended text rather than focusing on human rights issues highlighted the importance of Egypt's role in the Middle East peace process writes

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