Hungary has an important role to play in changing Europe - Jesuit Priest Henri Boulad

Monday, March 20, 2017

Hungary has an important role to play in changing Europe and the world - said Jesuit Priest Henri Boulad in a lecture held in the House of Dialogue in Budapest on Saturday night.

Jesuit Priest Henri Boulad applied for Hungarian citizenship this week and took the citizenship oath on Thursday; he stressed that in the ongoing struggle for change Hungary is David and the European Union is Goliath; but we hope that with God's help we will be able to change the world.

"Faith in God must be turned into faith in ourselves. To the extent that we need God, God also needs us in order that HE can reshape the world," - said the Jesuit priest adding that the coming months may bring some surprising developments, which prompt Europe to act.

In a lecture called "Átistenülés" (to become God-like?) the priest talked about the traditional teachings of the church that describe man as evil and fallible.

The doctrine of Salvation teaches that man is guilty and because of that he has to pay endless sacrifices to God. Salvation therefore, is nothing else but a kind of "buy-back". Twenty centuries of western Christian tradition keeps repeating this doctrine, while no one really understands what is behind this concept and what is its purpose, as well as why the Lord should be satisfied with this scheme?

The doctrine of guilt has resulted profound pessimism in western societies. The Western vision of man and of history is essentially a tragic vision. And it is possible that this vision lies at the root of today's prevailing nihilistic philosophies that aim to devalue man.

However, there is another kind of theology that says Jesus did not come to this world to redeem mankind, but rather, to make man God-like and raise him to HIS own level.

The Greek Fathers of the Church - including Origen, Clement of Alexandria, St. Athanasius of Alexandria - have a much more positive outlook on life than their Western counterparts. Their theology can be summed up in one sentence: God became man in order to make man God-like.

To understand this doctrine, "we should realize that Christianity has exalted man, as no other religion has done it." Therefore, we can say that Christianity has become the leaven of civilization and progress concluded his lecture Jesuit Priest Henri Boulad.

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