If succeeds, Veronika Wynne-Hughes will be the first Hungarian to ski to the South Pole

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The plan is to ski from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole.

The expedition will kick off in mid-November, and ends in the middle of January 2018. The distance she will cover is approximately 1140 kilometers. Veronika will poll a sledge along the way and although, she intends to travel alone there will be a support team behind her, including physicians said the adventurer to channel M1 TV Tuesday's show.

The team will set up two bases; she reports her advances daily including the coordinates of her location to the team that monitors her advance. During the entire journey, she will sleep in a tent.

Veronika is already over a preparatory training phase took place in Norway. She stressed the importance of knowledge of the equipment, "what is good and what is not," and the skills to assemble and disassemble things, for instance how to set up a stove in minus 40 degrees.

She plans to document the journey and publish the photographs and videos later on, perhaps in a book.

Veronika also revealed that the licensing of the tour was extremely complicated because many countries have authority over Antarctica. The expedition will cost about HUF 30 million which is paid by sponsors.

Veronika Wynne-Hughes whose father is English, and her mother is Hungarian is an experienced adventurer; last December, she just returned from a trip that took several years to accomplish; she "hitch-hiking on boats" around the world visiting unique places in different countries.

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