New fence will enable reduction in staff manning southern border

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

According to the Prime Minister’s Chief Security Advisor, the construction of the new security fence will enable a reduction in the number of staff manning the southern border.

Speaking on Hungarian M1 television’s Tuesday evening current affairs program, György Bakondi said that experiences showed that the second fence constructed along a ten kilometre stretch of the border was a success; that section had been avoided by both people smugglers and illegal immigrants.

The Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister explained that they had constructed a fence that was physically stronger than the existing one, could not be compromised using wire cutters and had sensors every 10-15 centimetres that send an alert to regional command centres, which can also monitor that stretch of the border day and night using security cameras.

Once the technical upgrade is complete, it will be possible to reduce the number of staff manning the border “to some extent”, and the Government hopes that forced entry will be eradicated altogether, Mr. Bakondi said.



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