Next year's general elections: The survival of Hungary is at stake - Speaker of the Parliament László Kövér

Thursday, March 30, 2017

According to the President of the National Assembly László Kövér, if the Fidesz party alliance lose the parliamentary elections in 2018, all that have been achieved up to now, will be destroyed so the electorate must consider this catastrophic consequence when voting.

(Note: Most probably, they would demolish the border fence and flooded the country with third world migrants; they would create conditions like those we see in Germany and other western countries where migrants rape and murder white women on a daily basis; the goal of the Hungarophobe opposition is to wipe indigenous Hungarians off the map and fill their place with foreign stock oblivious of history and culture who can terrorize the population like what we see in western Europe. The Hungarophobe opposition already showed its true colors in 2006 when the Gyurcsany regime ordered police and foreign assets brought into the country to shoot at peaceful citizens celebrating the national holiday. Never forget that! Be prepared!)

The globalist opposition would do everything to destroy patriotic parties and organizations who had the courage to go against mainstream trends in the past decade said the President of the National Assembly László Kövér at Christian Intellectuals Association (DONE) roundtable discussion in Nagyatád on Wednesday.

In 2010, the Orbán government saved the country from bankruptcy so that it did not suffer the fate of Greece said Kövér.

The opposition has no program therefore, we can expect an extremely dirty election campaign; they know that these unsettled times are their last chance to turn back the wheel of history.

They already provided a sneak peak of what we can expect in the upcoming election campaign; they pulled a laid off intelligence officer out of the box who already started spreading disinformation about alleged activities of foreign intelligence agencies in the country accusing the government of being too soft on Russian intelligence operatives active in Hungary.

It makes no difference that the leadership of the United States has changed at the highest level, political attacks against Hungary will continue as before or even increase; this is what we have to prepare for in the year ahead that leads up to the 2018 general election said Kövér.

These hostile assets know that the next four years will be a watershed in world history and this is their last chance to destroy all that the Fidesz government and the Hungarian people accomplished together in the past decade.

Recent polls suggest that if general elections would be held today the Fidesz party could win two third majority. Thanks to the awakening of the people an increasing number of Hungarians understand what the globalist parties are up to.

Luckily, behind the scene forces and their local lackeys so openly plotting against the government that it helps even naive citizens to understand the subversive strategies of this hostile coalition.

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