Polish Ambassador to Budapest: Thousand years of friendship between the two nations is a rarity in world history

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Polish Ambassador Jerzy Snopek lays a wreath at Bem Memorial in Budapest. March 15, 2017 Photo: Lajos Soos / MTI

Friendship and solidarity between the Polish and Hungarian people are not a cliché, but perhaps a rarity in world history said Polish Ambassador to Budapest Jerzy Snopek to Kossuth Radio.

An exhibition opened in Nyíregyháza Jósa András Museum on Monday displaying artifacts of the 7th Uhlan Regiment. Relics that came from Minsk Mazowiecki include uniforms, weapons, saddles as well as paintings, photos, and documents illustrating the life of the Uhlan Regiment between the two world wars.

The diplomat also said Polish General Joseph Bem, who in 1848 commanded the Transylvanian Hungarian army is the national hero of both nations.

We know that Bem has become a Hungarian legend due to Sándor Petőfi's poetry, who fought in Bem's army and immortalized the general in his poetry; but the appreciation of the poet was not easy to win over said the ambassador.

The Polish-born Lieutenant General was not just incredibly brave and brilliant military engineer and strategist, but above all a very honest man, who, like Petőfi never considered surrender.

The Polish ambassador stressed that besides Bem, other Polish officers also fought in the Hungarian army, among them Henrik Dembinszky and Joseph Wysocki and many more; about four and a half thousand Polish Legionnaires fought in Hungarian the War of Independence in 1848-49.

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