Political scientist: US fomenting divisions in Europe

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The US is not interested in maintaining the unity of the European Union, but it would prefer concluding bilateral agreements with individual member states - said political scientist Zoltán Kiszelly to M1 TV.

A fundamental change has occurred in transatlantic relations since the election of Donald Trump and the probability of a currency war between the United States and the European Union is very high said the expert.

Earlier, Chairman of Munich Security Conference Wolfgang Ischinger also indicated that the US and the European Union can turn against each other. Washington doesn't treat the European Union as one block any longer, but tries to conclude bilateral treaties with individual member states said Ischinger.

There are senior advisers surrounding the US president, who believe that the US can be more efficient if it deals separately with EU Member States rather than with the European Union as a unified whole. I think this is a significant development that we have to manage said the German politician.

If Trump really tries to cause political divisions in Europe, then we face a real problem said Wolfgang Ischinger adding that Europeans then, have to tell the Americans - so far and no further.

Washington also pursues similar strategies when dealing with V4 member states. US diplomats successfully lobbied with Warsaw convincing Polish officials not to support the stationing of German troop in Poland as part of the reinforcement of NATO eastern wing, but insist on US troop deployment.

Polish-US military cooperation has become even more interesting after other V4 countries - Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary - indicated that they wouldn't like to see foreign troops stationed at their territories on a permanent basis.

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