Retirees staged a provocation at the prime minister’s home

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Two elderly women - probably recruited by the liberal opposition - staged a protest at the prime minister's home.

The goal might have been to whip up anti-government sentiment among the population and to provide ammunition to the fractured opposition’s anti-government campaign; but the spectacle won't work because the majority of Hungarians already know the intentions behind these kinds of staged events and also because the operation was badly executed.

It is obvious that the two elderly persons were coached before they were sent to the prime minister’s home with a cameraman to record the expected “police action” against them.

The pensioners attached leaflets with opposition slogans to the entrance gate of the prime ministers' home - the country was sold to the financial elite and similar messages were written on the leaflets. When police arrived at the scene the camera started recording the event and the two elderly women started chanting opposition mantras.

It’s worth noting that the camera shows only one of the elderly woman who took part in the protest; the other one, who probably directed the operation doesn’t not appear on camera at all; we hear only her voice as she is reciting opposition party slogans.

It could be that the second person is known to the public and forces that orchestrated the event from behind the scene didn’t want to reveal her identity. (Don’t forget that the supporters of the globalist parties are mostly elderly citizens who socialized in the communist era; they are soap opera addicts and other victims of the mainstream media; many of them mentally incapacitated showing signs of senility; as a result, it is very easy to get them involved in activities that make no sense to them as they are lacking the necessary intellectual caliber to comprehend the consequences of their actions. Performances like this show the desperation of the globalist opposition; they try to do everything to whip up anti-government sentiment among the electorate as they have no alternative programs to show to the people before next year’s general election. )

Liberal media outlets have already picked up the story highlighting the fact that police took action against two elderly citizens who staged a peaceful "protest” against the Orbán government's policies.



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