Romania intimidates the Hungarian community using communist secret service strategies

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Romania using communist secret service methods to intimidate the Hungarian community, and test its tolerance said the President of the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ) Hunor Kelemen on Thursday commenting on legal proceedings launched against Marosvásárhely Roman Catholic High School by the country's prosecutor.

The head of RMDSZ party reminded journalists that the prosecutor's office harassing parents trying to stop them from enrolling their children in the religious institution; school officials pursuing the same strategy; they are telling parents that the prosecutor's office investigating the legality of the institution.

It is unacceptable that the prosecutor harasses parents, questions them and uses tacit intimidation tactics like Securitate used in the communist era to instill fear in the Hungarian community.

Parents are told if they enroll their children in Marosvásárhely Roman Catholic High School and later, it turns out that the institution operated illegally students may lose their diplomas.

Kelemen complained that the prosecutor’s office according to parents accounts, questions parents religious affiliations, and demands an explanation if it turns out that they are Unitarians but want to enroll their children in a Roman Catholic School.

Officials also try to stop parents from speak publicly about their ordeals, as if the matter would be a national security issue explained the chairman of RMDSZ.

It is unacceptable that Romanian authorities attack the Catholic school by using strategies employed the communist secret service, which constitutes an abuse of power.

Kelemen told reporters that on Wednesday, he filed a complaint with the professional body of prosecutors and judges, as well as the Supreme Judicial Council about the prosecutor's office intimidation strategies.

Last week, he sent a detailed report to President Klaus Iohannis informing the head of state about the situation around Marosvásárhely Roman Catholic High School.

Kelemen also sent letters to several foreign embassies in Bucharest, including the United States Embassy complaining about state harassment of a lawfully established religious institution.

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