The Hungarian Canoe Federation plans to build a winter training camp in South Africa

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Hungarian Canoe Federation plans to build a central training camp in South Africa, which could be used by Hungarian athletes during autumn-winter seasons.

The national team's new head coach Csaba Hüttner told M4 Sports on Tuesday that the Hungarian Canoe Federation thinking to build a permanent training camp in the African country which offers ideal conditions for Hungarian athletes.

The head coach added that they found an ideal location, a lovely lake near Johannesburg, which is easily accessible from Johannesburg airport; the place has fair prices, and the time difference does not pose any problem for athletes.

The Canoe Federation think of investing in a local real estate as well as the region has much lower property prices than Hungary.

Hüttner also revealed that Olympic and World Champion Kayakers Attila Vajda and Douchev-Janics Natasa retired from active competition so the upcoming spring World Cup in Szeged will offer plenty of opportunities for young kayakers to try themselves in a top international competition.

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