The possibility of civil wars hang over Western Europe

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Advisers of various terrorist organizations are infiltrating in western Europe as we speak by mingling with migrants told former Intelligence Officer, and former Colonel of the Hungarian Intelligence Agency László Földi to news portal.

According to Földi, the countries of Europe can be divided into three main groups. The former colonizing countries belong to the first group; in those countries public opinion by and large accepted the existence of parallel societies, indicated by the no-go zones. In that group of countries, the governments' main task is problem management caused by the different cultural elements of no-go zones. This strategy worked in the past, but by the emergence of ISIS the population of no-go zones received an ideological shot, which triggered an expansion of their habitat. Today, preachers and advisers of the various terrorist organizations that are infiltrating into Europe in large numbers urging the population of no-go zones to expand.

The second group of countries made up by states that are on the way of self-destruction. In those countries the catastrophe still can be averted if there is enough will in the ruling political establishment to act. Among others, Germany belongs into this group where law enforcement is in the process of collapse as the political establishment of Germany does not allow law enforcement agencies to carry out their duties in accord with the law of the land. As a result of double standards policies of the government, the psychological integrity of German police officers destroyed. Swedish police officers are facing the same problem; they are speaking out against the double standards policy of their government in the media.

The third group of countries is made up by the Eastern European states that have decided to protect themselves from mass migration no matter what.

If western Europe law enforcement agencies can't defend the population from terrorist attacks due to the double standards policies of the various governments, which psychologically and morally undermine the integrity of police officers; as a result, citizens will have no choice but to protect themselves said the expert.

German history textbooks for instance, teach the French Enlightenment and Nazi atrocities in an unproportionate length. The education system instills guilt in children early on despite the fact that in reality, there are no blameless people in the world. Last week, I held several lectures in Germany and I found that in private, people are quite honest and open, but if another person joins the conversation they immediately fall silent; this is like we had in the Stalinist era said Földi.

Western Europe is in a state of war, and wars can't be won by observing the law of peace time. When you are in war not only an attack but preparation for an attack, or a mere intention of aggression count as a serious offence - any person or group that acts like that should be taken out. Likewise, in war situations people smugglers are not only common criminals, but saboteurs, and in wars saboteurs are eliminated without any trial or legal process said the expert.

Currently, terrorist organizations are in the process of building bases and networks in western Europe. Advisers use Islamists who have committed crimes in other parts of the world to test the waters in western Europe. Soon, they will be able to move large groups of people and carry out sophisticated attacks that could be blamed on patriotic and nationalist organizations. Don't forget they are professionals. If you give me a pen and a piece of paper, I can draw up a strategy like that in no time.

You can't rule out that the terrorists will even attack military barracks by using heavy weapons or they even acquire nuclear devices. The more time we give them to prepare, the less chance we have to defeat them. If they win, they will destroy everything - culture, economy, science and Europe will slide back to the Middle Ages concluded his thoughts the former intelligence officer .

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