Two migrants escaped from Kiskunhalas refugee camp

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Manhunt is underway for two migrants who escaped from Kiskunhalas refugee camp. A Moroccan and an Algerian citizen managed to climb over the fence of the closed camp on Thursday afternoon and currently, their whereabouts are unknown told Kiskunhalas County Police press officer of MTI.

Small groups of illegal immigrants attempted to escape from the Fazekas Mihály street refugee camp at the same time in a number of different locations climbing over the fence.

Police and armed security guards intercepted the majority of the wannabe escapees, but two men managed to getaway.

One security guard who attempted to stop the two men was slightly injured during the chase said the press officer.

Kiskunhalas is calm at the moment; the two men's whereabouts are unknown. Police asking the public to help finding 18-year-old Moroccan citizen Wasim Ahmed and 22-year-old Algerian citizen Alarbi Usami said the press officer.

Police are looking for these two individuals:

Wasim Ahmed

Alarbi Usamam

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