A sad day for Hungarian nationalists!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A sad day for Hungarian nationalists! Jobbik crossed the Rubicon by joining forces with the globalist opposition and other Hongarophobe fringe parties openly supporting foreign interests in Hungary by signing a petition that ask the constitutional court to review the Higher Education Act that requires from the Soros University to comply with Hungarian law.

From now on, anything is possible. We can't even rule out the possibility of an election coalition between the Jobbik party and the globalist opposition in next year's general elections.

Jobbik Member of Parliament István Szávay said that all members of the Jobbik fraction have signed the petition; he argued that Fidesz built a dictatorship in Hungary and trying to discredit a higher education institution in one day. (This is a very lame argument)

A journalist asked Szávay what section of the Higher Education Act was unconstitutional? The Jobbik politician replied that it was not up to them to figure this out; but the constitutional court must be given an opportunity to make a decision on this important issue. In other words, Jobbik politicians found nothing wrong with the bill; they oppose it for the shear reason of eroding Fidesz support in next year's general election (this strategy in my view, will backfire big time)

The liberal media are of course, rejoicing and they have good reason to do so.

From now on, all citizens who want to maintain stability in the country in these extremely perilous times must unite behind the Fidesz party because an election coalition between Jobbik and the globalist opposition threatens the stability of the country.

I wonder how László Toroczkai and other patriots who battled with the Gyurcsany regime's riot police in 2006 would react to this bizarre move by Jobbik.

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