American and German temporary consular assistants summoned in the foreign ministry

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Deputy Secretary of State Kristóf Altusz summoned the American and German temporary consular assistants in the foreign ministry over the controversy of the Higher Education Act reported the ministry of foreign affairs and foreign trade on Tuesday.

In Hungary, higher educational institutions must comply with regulations.

The legislation adopted on Tuesday aims to enforce the regulations. Every assertion to the contrary is false.

In the future foreign funded higher educational institutions that issue diplomas, in principle must be governed by interstate agreements.

The US embassy issued a statement on Tuesday expressing disappointment over the amendment of the regulations, which was passed in a hurry.

Federal Parliamentary Representative of the German Ruling Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Norbert Röttgen criticized the Hungarian government by saying that the amendment of the Higher Education Act is a "state intervention in scientific freedom", therefore, the EU has to use all the means available to force the Hungarian government to observe the spirit of the law laid down in the EU charter.

German head of state Frank-Walter Steinmeier also issued a statement stressing that Europe can't remain silent when civil societies and sciences are under attack in Hungary.

The Austrian capital would be happy to accommodate the Soros University said Vienna Deputy Mayor Maria Vassilakou but the university doesn't want to relocate.

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