Fidesz Parliamentary Group Leader Lajos Kósa: The pro-Soros rallies are only sideshows

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

According to the Fidesz parliamentary group leader, the ongoing pro-Soros demonstrations are only sideshows to divert attention from the ongoing debate between the Hungarian government and the Soros Empire.

First of all, the government does not want to close the Soros University; it merely wants to make sure that foreign funded institutions comply with Hungarian regulations. This is why the government amended the Higher Education Act - to force foreign funded schools to comply with Hungarian law.

In actuality, one of the main goals of weekend's pro-Soros demonstrations is to erode Fidesz public support; the goal of the globalist opposition is to demolish the border fence and flood the country with third-world migrants to appease their foreign masters.

The liberal opposition committing high treason when conspiring with the enemies of the nation in this global effort.

Therefore, it is absolutely essential to expose this plot and make crystal clear to the general public what is the real purpose behind the pro-Soros rallies.

Maintaining national sovereignty is not what the globalist opposition wants, it is not their interest, it doesn't help them.

The goal is to create a nation of uprooted individuals, a scenario what we see in most western European countries.

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