Fidesz: The Soros network may be exposed

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Graduates of the Soros University take part in the destabilization of the Balkan.

The Hungarian (fake) left wing parties defend the activities of George Soros to the death said Fidesz party sources reacting to the accusations made by Gyurcsany party members.

The (fake) left wing parties behave like Soros puppets; and the Jobbik party seems to stand by Soros too refusing to support the amendment to the Higher Education Act said Fidesz sources.

In the wake of the Budapest protests the entire Soros network could be exposed said Fidesz politicians.

Currently, several CEU graduates are involved - as members of various NGOs - in the destabilization of countries lie along the migration route, such a Macedonia and Albania.

According to EU data, already four million migrants are heading for Europe, which means that the real immigration crisis in Europe just beginning.

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