Foreign extremists want to instigate clashes with police

Friday, April 28, 2017 obtained confidential information of a plan aiming to provoke a major incident at Hungary's southern border.

A rehearsal of the planned provocation was held during the Easter rally at the Röszke border crossing where about one hundred foreigners protested against the existence of border fence. The event was organized and coordinated by George Soros funded by MigSZol. The same organization paid for the transportation of foreigners to the border region as well writes

The Easter rally was a preliminary act of the upcoming aggressive international anti-Hungarian campaign that organizers want to kick off by cutting through the border fence and inviting illegal immigrants into the country.

The real purpose of the planned provocation is to instigate violent clashes between police and international anarchists brought into the country by organizations working for behind the scene forces that run the ongoing migration business. Photographs and video footage of the incident then, could be disseminated in the controlled western media as anti-Hungarian propaganda material.

German and Spanish anarchist groups are commissioned to provoke clashes with police and border guards according to the Hungarian website; the leaders of the anarchist groups have already visited the border region during Easter holiday when groups of foreigners demanded the demolition of the border fence and opening the gates to third world migrants at the Röszke border crossing; in fact, the rally was organized with the specific purpose of giving an opportunity to the anarchists to inspect the area and study field conditions in the border region writes the Hungarian website (which was probably tipped-off by intelligence agencies).

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