Jobbik Szolnok president insulted Transylvanian Hungarians on Facebook because they support Fidesz

Thursday, April 20, 2017

According to Jobbik Szolnok president, Transylvanian Hungarians didn’t deserve the dual citizenship.

"Most of Transylvanian Hungarians, like the North American Indians, can be bought with a handful of glass beads. These glass beads are the dual citizenship" wrote Jobbik Szolnok President Zoltán Szotyori-Lázár on Facebook.

The Szolnok politician believes - no matter how bitter it is to say - that Transylvanian Hungarians did not deserve the dual citizenship because they can be more easily fooled than those living in Hungary.

One commenter replied by saying that the politician should be ashamed of himself. Instead of apologizing Szotyori-Lázár commented: "You are not sacred cows, who can not be criticized; unfortunately, you are massively inclined to believe in stupidities with a few exceptions.

The Jobbik politician remarked that the commenter should wake up from Orbán's spell because he is the biggest traitor in the country.

"Magyar Idők" who reported the story contacted the Jobbik politician who noted that he addressed to those Transylvanian Hungarians who accepted Orbán's policies without reservation.

The politician said this was his private opinion.

The post appeared on Jobbik member of parliament István Szávay's Facebook page; when Szávay was asked what he was thinking about the post he said he haven't read it despite the fact that he left a positive feedback indicating he agreed with the content of the article.

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