Most foreign funded universities don't comply with Hungarian law

Monday, April 3, 2017

The government will discuss the status of the Central European University with the United States Government said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to reporters in Parliament on Monday.

The Prime Minister said "The Hungarian government will discuss the issue in good faith and there is no reason to believe that the government of the United States act otherwise, therefore there is no reason for nervousness."

In Hungary, there are rules that all 27 foreign universities must comply with including the Soros University (CEU) said Orbán.

The amendment of the Higher Education Act proposes that in the future only those foreign funded universities could operate in Hungary, which get a licence based on interstate agreements.

McDaniel College is the only legally operating foreign university in Hungary; the other 27 do not comply with the law said Fidesz Faction Leader Lajos Kósa to Kossuth Radio.

The Fidesz politician said the Education Bureau (OH) reviews the license of foreign universities operating in Hungary every five years.

When you have such a "massive violation of law" on the part of foreign owned universities, the question arises that perhaps the law regulating them needs to be amended said the fraction leader.

Yesterday, thousands of anti-government demonstrators staged a protest in Kossuth Square in Budapest opposing the bill aiming to make foreign funded universities more transparent.

The demonstration organized by the friends of the Central European University (CEU) funded by George Soros.

Organizes of the protest mobilized the liberal establishment across the country and even brought in foreign assets to boost the crowd.

The US State Department also felt the need to speak out against the government's motion to regulate foreign funded universities in the country indicating the crucial role of CEU in spreading liberal propaganda in the region.

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