Mostly foreigners demonstrated at Soros University on Tuesday

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Nearly five thousand people indicated on Facebook to attend the protest march in support of the Soros University on Tuesday. The names of those indicated to attend show that most of them foreign nationals.

This is not surprising because the majority of roughly two thousand students attending the Soros University are foreign nationals writes

Yesterday afternoon thousands of students formed a human chain around the Soros University to protest against the amendment of the Higher Education Act.

Some of the Hungarian participants of the event told that they were surprised seeing so many foreigners in the crowd. It is estimated that about two-thirds of protesters were foreigners.

The overwhelming majority of students attending the Central European University founded by billionaire George Soros are foreigners.

The students came from 117 countries; the largest group is still Hungarian, but their ratio remain well below 20 percent.

Based on this conclusion, the university may have roughly 1200 international students.

According to reports, about 4-5 thousand people attended the demonstration yesterday afternoon; this figure roughly equivalent to the number of people indicated their willingness to attend the event the previous day on Facebook writes

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Mark said...

Soros is spreading his money around again -- to the so-called 'protesters', just as he does in America and England.

Flanders said...

That is right, Mark, not to mention that there are those groups who are constantly available to Soros and similar styles of change agents internationally, eager to work as their eternal protesters wherever needed, the members from the Chabad and Hoshomer Hatzair.

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