New poll by Századvég: The majority of Hungarians are critical of "George Soros organizations"

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The majority of Hungarians consider the activities of foreign funded NGOs associated with George Soros damaging; poll respondents are also critical of the billionaire businessman’s activities reads the latest poll by “Századvég Alapítvány”, which was announced on Tuesday.

58% of poll respondents have an unfavorable opinion on George Soros; 53% of them also find that Hungarian NGOs funded by Soros are generally damaging to the country; only 29% of them consider the activities of these NGOs beneficial, and 18% of them don't know or declined to respond to the survey.

Regarding the government's decision to amend the law on higher education, 61% of respondents supported the initiative to clarify the operation of foreign universities in Hungary, while 30% of them said the amendment was mainly aimed at closing the Central European University (CEU).

The phone survey was conducted between April 20 and April 23, with 1000 randomly selected adult respondents.

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