NGOs must register as foreign funded organizations if bill passed by parliament

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The government introduced a new legislation that would oblige foreign funded NGOs to register as foreign funded organizations.

These NGOs regularly attack the Hungarian government with the obvious intent to disrupt the border protection system and force the government to flood the country with third world migrants.

If the proposal passed, the law will require that organizations receiving 7.2 million forints or more from foreign backers register as foreign funded organizations.

Jobbik opposing the legislation because apparently, the new law would jeopardize the activities of Hungarian organizations in the neighboring countries.

Director of the Center for Fundamental Rights Miklós Szánthó said that foreign funded NGOs were not neutral; they pretend to be independent but in fact,they represent foreign interests and values, which must be made obvious to everyone.

Szánthó told Kossuth Radio on Monday that there was nothing wrong when a non-governmental organization gets involved in politics; but the general public has the right to know the names of all foreign funded organizations that operate in the country - added the director.

In an interview with today, Deputy-Prime Minister Zsolt Semlyén remarked that the very existence of these NGOs is a threat to national security.

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Anonymous said...

I disagree with Szantho that there is nothing wrong. It's pretty obvious that there is something wrong when foreign sponsored organizations get involved politically, because what they're doing is influencing national politics for the benefits of foreign interest. It's no different if another country was trying to influence national elections. Once you interfere, you're influencing Hungarians and that is the problem. Whether that is a government or a organization run by a wealthy billionaire. The effect is the same. You have outside forces influencing people who may not have come to a conclusion to come to another conclusion that may not be in the interest of themselves or the country, but is in the interest of outside groups who're behind it.

Nothing how in India, China, Russia, and the U.S foreign influence is strongly condemned and even investigated. Only in small countries like Hungary are there double standards whereby the country must accept outside influence.

HungarianAmbiance said...

You are right. Smaller countries have no choice but use some kind of strategy to circumvent the constant pressure put on them by the usual suspects. It is unfortunate that many well-intentioned people, even on the nationalist side, can't connect the dots and demand strong action against the NGOs that are protected by the world’s most powerful forces. Strategy is a form of art and I believe that in the current world situation Prime Minister Viktor Orban is far the most suitable leader for the country because he has connections, vision and strategic skills to protect the country against all odds, that's why the globalists hate him so much.

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